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Two Tone Linen - Plum + Tan - Wire Headscarf

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This wired headscarf looks and feels great and is above all very easy to wear.

A simple cross, twist and tuck will give you a gorgeous topknot but there are many ways to wear this headscarf. 

This headscarf is made out of the softest cotton, won't give you a headache and will stay perfectly in place. Long hair, short hair, thick or thin it doesn’t matter. They will be a great fit for you too!

The wire we use can't rust so you can easily hand wash your new crown!
Care Instructions: You can spot clean your Lana.Nas Studio Headscarf or soak it in cold water with a bit of napisan. Once you have done that, just hang it up to dry.  Please don't put your WIRE headscarf in the washing machine.